Shoot First Pay Later Financing

Shoot First Pay Later Financing Ordering Process

Checking your approval eligibility will not affect your credit score

Step 1. Click Here To apply or click the link below

Step 2. Complete online application with our 3rd party lender

Step 3. If approved, email Gun Pro the item(s) that you want. Include the following:

 a. Full name

 b. Lease approval number

 c. UPC & description of item(s) and QTY 

Step 4. Gun Pro will email you an invoice to sign. Sign the invoice

Step 5. Email signed invoice to Sales@GunProDeals.Com with your full name and approval # in the subject line

Step 6. If you are ordering a firearm please have your dealer email their FFL to FFL@GunProDeals.Com with your full name and invoice Number in the subject line

Step 7. The lender will email you a lease agreement to sign. Sign it electronically within the email they send to you

Step 8. Gun Pro will send you a link to add a down payment in the amount of $49.99 (Payment To Be Made With Credit Card)

Note: Once your items ship we will email you your tracking number(s)


Financing is provided by a third party lender. Any decisions pertaining to interest rate, approval amount and terms and conditions are between the cusotmer and the third party lending company.

Financing Rules:

There is a minimm order amount of $500 required to use financing

Financing may not be used on Class III items (suppressors, SBR's)

Frequently Asked Questions 

How easy is it to apply?

Very easy! Online applications only require basic information and you can receive an approval in seconds.


How much will I be approved for?

Depending on your credit, we approve up to $5,000


Do I need to use all of the approval I’m given?

No, you can use from $500 up to the full amount of credit you were approved for.


What is the interest rate?

Leases are not the same as loans and do not have an interest rate. Please read the leasing agreement carefully to understand the monthly payments, length of term, residual value and total of payments.


What is residual value?

The purchase price at the end of the lease if the lessee wishes to keep the property.


What is a disposition fee?

A final fee payable at the end of the lease if the lessee does not purchase the property.


What type of financing is this?

Closed end consumer lease purchase.


How long is the lease period?

It varies between 12 and 24 months depending on the amount financed.


What’s the difference between a closed end consumer lease purchase and a loan?

A loan is the borrowing of money while a close end consumer lease purchase is a term rental agreement for the use of the specific property with the option to purchase at the end of the lease term.


Am I locked into the full length of the term?

No.  You can buy out of the lease agreement at any time.  The earlier you buy out, the more you save.


What information do I need to apply?

Open/Active checking or savings account

Government issued photo ID

Email address

Social security number

Income/Employment Information

Phone number & Address


How often are payments due?

Payments are due on a monthly basis.


When does ownership transfer on the property that I am leasing?

Ownership transfers upon successful completion of the closed end consumer lease and payment of the residual value.


When is my first payment due?

At the time of purchase.

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